Blue Fish Imports was created to bring new innovative designs to the world. We pride ourselves on producing high end products at competitive prices. With an extensive knowledge base within the team and an open attitude to new ideas, we spend our time researching and developing products around the globe.


Our Brands​

One of Australians leaders in the innovative sector of fishing tackle, Samaki is Australian designed and developed, offering an extensive range of fishing tackle from rods, lures, line, tools and apparel. At Samaki we bring you the ultimate in fishing tackle!​

A worldwide brand, stemming from fishing reels and expanding into all manners of fishing tackle. Their unique designs suit a variety of applications for all markets around the globe.​

Bringing you FishCraft, a premium fishing product that targets fisherman at the weakest, superior fishing tackle complimented by a series of accessories.​

A tackle storage solution like no other on the market, Versus Meiho is a premium tackle storage design that is made in Japan of the highest quality materials, an extensive range that caters to all storage enthusiasts.​


With multiple brands under the Blue Fish Imports banner we pride ourselves on offering high end quality products to the Australian market.


Our company owned and developed brands are exported globally with a high quality assurance and recurring customer base.


Blue Fish Imports products are distributed throughout various tackle stores in Australia and the worldwide market place.

About Us

With a close affiliation with China, Japan and multiple manufacturing companies within their region, we have developed a  knowledge base like no other, aiding this is an extensive history within the fishing tackle industry.

Continually travelling into international waters for research, development and the sourcing of products, the team’s ultimate goal is to provide the global market with updated technology, innovative designs, cosmetically detailed products and superior quality.

What we can offer

  • Product Manufacturing
  • Bring your ideas to life from design, development and testing
  • Handle everything from Manufacturing, quality control and delivery to your door


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